The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 7: Ghosts From Down Under

April 2, 2019

Did you program the voice command on your phone to have a specific accent?  Dana did!  Jessica is a big fan of Crocodile Dundee and wants to get them each an autographed picture of Paul Hogan.  What was Jessica doing on the TV Guide Channel after she was hypnotized?  With hundreds of pictures to choose from, why did a convention have to choose Dana's single most hated picture of herself to promote her appearance at VisionCon?  Jessica gives Dana some sage advice for what to do when unexpectedly ingesting a bug while hiking.  After re-living her "accident" in Dana's chair, Jessica and Dana unexpectedly compare knowledge on the famed Spelunker, Floyd Collins.  While describing her friend's experiences with a Paranormal Investigation Group, Dana is furious that Jessica knows what Mo-Cap is and they fall down the rabbit hole of a Haunted Mansion in San Diego. Raves include the Legal Aid Foundation and Girl Scout Cookies. 

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles -