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Episode 147: Mouths, BS and Robots

Episode 147: Mouths, BS and Robots

May 17, 2022

Dana asks Jessica how many "mouths on a stick" she owns, because she knows there is more and finds an emotional surprise in a backpack. The going rate for babysitters in 2022 vs when Jessica was a certified teenage sitter and was rejected for a raise.  Jessica merely scratches the surface when she describes the Grey Gardenseque conditions her townhouse is in and the idiocy of her landlord.  Dana can smell BS a mile away and she doesn't let anyone slide when they are speaking of something purely based on assumption or laziness.  Weirdo of the Week is a family trying to bring back something a lot worse than the Brady Bunch on their trip to Hawaii. What the What Corner is a humanoid child robot that will haunt you forever but give you the skills to treat a child in distress. Rave #1 is Well Seek, a community organization dedicated to helping women thrive in their work and life.  Rave #2 is Hearts of Gold, their mission and purpose is reimagining the future of homeless mothers and their children, together, by helping them to become confident and self sufficient as they prepare to transition out of NYC shelter system to permanent homes. 

Well Seek -

Hearts of Gold -

Episode 146: Invisible Person vs Dragon Breath

Episode 146: Invisible Person vs Dragon Breath

May 10, 2022

From Campfires and Cabins to 5G and Ernie's, what part of the body is the most painful to get waxed?  Dana flew the coup when people blatantly cut in front of her and thought they would get away with it.  Jessica survived a near death experience after tasting the breath of Candy the Cosmo (tologist, that is).  What the What Corner runs wild with parents accused of abuse for including their child in an adult competitive sport.  Oh Wow Corner is a thrift store find that fetched a lovely resale profit.  Rave # 1 is Slow Stir Foods, a made from scratch nut butter and preserve company giving a portion of profits to Care org for Ukrainian relief through July 31.  Rave #2 is #Donutfunds from Donut Friend, 50% from each Compassionfruit donut sold is given to a different charity each month.  For the month of May, they have chosen (ETM LA) Education Through Music Los Angeles, who partner with under resourced schools to provide music as a core subject for all children. 

Slow Stir Foods -

Slow Stir IG -

Care Org -

Donut Friend -  

Education Through Music Los Angeles - 

Episode 145: Human Behavior and Animal Instincts

Episode 145: Human Behavior and Animal Instincts

May 3, 2022

Jessica proclaims Canada Dry as the King of ginger ale while Dana suggests that self tape auditions are ruining marriages.  Jessica is pissed that a friend let another friend down on the other side of the world, something that should be verboten.  Dana shares the frustrations of a listener who is a dedicated teacher who is having to convince parents of their children's plagiarism.  Animal Instincts Corner is a book that will have you certain you aren't as bad at parenting as you think.  Ummmm Nope Corner is a woman who fell head over heels for a John.... Rave #1 is The Human Library, is a not for profit learning platform, that has hosted personal conversations designed to challenge stigma and stereotypes since 2000. Rave #2 is Girl Trek, a health revolution for black women walking towards healing and liberation. 

Human Library -

Girl Trek - 

Episode 144: Til Death Do Us Part

Episode 144: Til Death Do Us Part

April 26, 2022

Dana and Jessica thought of each other after recently learning about the Corpse Flower, and wish they could witness the once a decade bloom in person.  Dana is ready to attack when it comes to the ridiculous shapes and outrageous cost for feminine hygiene across the world.  Jessica wants hotels to step up their game when it comes to cleaning and renovating their buildings. Oh Wow Corner explores the ancient art of animation and film and how it was viewed.  What the What Corner involves a Florida bride and her caterer who decided the sky was the limit when it came to getting guests high as a kite.  Rave #1 is Circle Pack, started by a Hawaiian eco entrepreneur who is trying to fix the big Island's massive cardboard problem.  Rave #2 is Girl Trek, two woman who are trying to better the health and lives of Black women through community and support.  

Circle Pack -  

Girl Trek - 

Lizards, Snakes and Ants

Lizards, Snakes and Ants

April 19, 2022

The fact that Jessica said "You need to buckle up for this episode" at the end of the show tells you all you need to know as Dana has to rein her in throughout. A rant gone wrong has Jess fed up with Fed Ex. Dana shares a listener's dismay and disgust for what is required to maintain male pet lizards.  Weirdo of the Week is a guy who is the living proof that karma will come back and bite you in the ass.  Animal Instincts explores ants and what scientists are now learning is possible with these tiny creatures and their ability to sniff things out.  Rave #1 is Lego Replay, a recycling program to put legos in to the hand of new users who otherwise don't have them.  Rave #2 is Pysanky for Peace, the old tradition of creating beautiful art and pattern on eggs by way of beeswax and dyes being taught at workshops who are donating funds back to Ukraine.  

Lego -

Pysanky for Peace - 

Episode 142: Tik Tok You Don’t Stop…Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

Episode 142: Tik Tok You Don’t Stop…Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

April 12, 2022

Do you think Tik Tokkers should be millionaires and getting their own tv shows?  Dana sure doesn't and she's gonna let you know exactly why.  Jessica takes a listener's rant to heart and wonders why hands free driving is a thing with people buried in their cell phones.  Excuuuuuuse Me Corner is a passenger on a Southwest flight who took Flying the Friendly Skies to a whole new level of yuck.  Hollywood Corner is Rod Stewart repairing potholes in his hometown.  But is it for emergency vehicles or to save the suspension in his Ferrari?  Rave #1 is Sunflower of Peace, a non profit providing Humanitarian aid for the people of Ukraine. Rave #2 is Art Lifting, a platform for artists traditionally under represented such as those who are disabled or homeless. 

Sunflower of Peace -

Art Lifting - 

Episode 141: Chlorophyll and Key Lime

Episode 141: Chlorophyll and Key Lime

April 5, 2022

Jessica only likes one kind of cookies-the real kind and Dana is crazy for chlorophyll.  A long awaited trip years in the making takes Jessica in different directions and makes her reflect on what is important in life.  Dana received a Rant Update from a listener who made great strides in communication with her partner after reading a book suggestion from Dana.  Golden Oldies Corner is a centenarian who is continuing to learn and share that with others.  What the What Corner is a complete vintage biosphere that has Dana swooning over her own magical terrariums.  Rave #1 is Vanessa Rosage, an Austin based therapist who is giving free office space to support a colleague and their patients.  Rave #2 is Earth at Night in Color docu series on Apple TV.

Vanessa Rosage -

Elemental Liberation - 

Empaths Guide to Survival -


Episode 140:  Catfish and Compost

Episode 140: Catfish and Compost

March 29, 2022

Dana started her week au naturale while Jessica is 40 Shades of Hives.  Spam text messages have become increasingly problematic, especially when Dana is is being catfished with an image of her doppelganger.  Jessica wants to know how parents can be so oblivious and checked out to their kids' behavior in public.  Weirdo of the Week is a bicycle hoarder who shall be known as The Rats of Nimh, Tour de France.  Follow Up Corner is the tragic turned positive update of the woman running for a seat in the House who got drunk at a middle school sleep over.  Rave #1 is Health in the Hood, a non-profit whose mission is to provide equal food access for all, one community garden at a time.  Rave #2 is LA Compost, a community based non-profit supporting a healthy transition where food is never wasted, but returned to the soil for the next cycle of life. 

Health in the Hood - 

LA Compost - 

Episode 139:- Olives, Lavender and Borscht

Episode 139:- Olives, Lavender and Borscht

March 22, 2022

Is Dana crazy, or is Dan Tipton the ONLY man who keeps power tools under the bed instead of the garage?  Either way, Jessica is turned on.  A server playing dumb with "olive" his wits has Jessica trés angry while in search for her daily bread.   If Dana of all people can handle her pets' earth, wind and fire, then SO. CAN. YOU.  A new corner - Oh My God.  What?! NO, will have you running for the hills, as long as they aren't growing the lavender sold at a major big box retailer.  A teacher that has the opposite of Spidey-sense gets a little too close for comfort with students for World Book Day.  Rave #1 is Knitted Knockers, an international group of volunteer knitters and crocheters who make knit breast prosthesis for women who have undergone mastectomies. Rave #2 are ways to help in Ukraine.  

Knitted Knockers -

Children's Voices -

Razom - 

Caritas Ukraine -

Kyiv Independent - 

Virtual Insanity vs. Go Fish!

Virtual Insanity vs. Go Fish!

March 15, 2022
This week Dana decides to rant about herself and not being able to be the tiny bit of normal she used to be any longer. Trigger Warning, which shouldn't be a shock if you know us, Dana tells a puke story. Again. Jessica loves her husband- and you might say this week, she's 'hooked' on him as well. (Apologies)
A 'What the What!?' corner has the ladies asking their own investigative questions. And, this week there's a mashup corner. NOPE meets Animal Instincts Corner. Some of you may need to start preparing for some pretty huge spider friends. Think...the size of your palm. NOPE.
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