The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 24: After All That We’ve Been Through, Clean Up After Yourself

July 30, 2019

Dana wisely warned us of her whereabouts in case she didn't return from shooting a film in the desert.  The power of a surprise in the mail shows us when you don't know what to do when someone you love is hurting or struggling, a simple message letting them know you are thinking of them goes a long way.  Jessica's husband mesmerizes Canadian children like the Pied Piper when he busts out some tunes on his jaw harp.  Hear how Dana's son reacted to her not allowing him to have water in bed.  Jessica and Dana sing another long lost tune as they try to determine which Robert Downey Junior movie also starred a cute blonde. Rants from listeners this week include the rude and inconsiderate treatment of janitors and housekeepers by those that employ them, and the outrageous behaviors of people on public transport.  What The What Corner features a masseuse who bites her clients.  Kids Are Amazing Corner features two young sisters who read bedtime stories on Facebook Live to increase literacy and for kids who may not have someone to read to them.  Dana raves about the Magic Yarn Project, a magical organization who makes and provides soft yarn wigs for children undergoing cancer treatments in the style of their favorite characters.   Jessica raves about Hilarity For Charity, is a nonprofit movement, led by Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller Rogen, dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring change, and accelerating progress in Alzheimer's care, research and support through the engagement of millenials. 

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