The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 22: Teen Wolf vs Crocodile Aussies

July 16, 2019

Why does Jessica keep going to the opera with her husband and not Dana? The Great Wolf Lodge is not a wilderness club but instead a massive indoor water park that Dana braved with her son for 72 hours. Dana teaches us some lessons in pool and hotel etiquette and regales three instances of her scolding other patrons of the Lodge. How did Dana know her suite mate only packed one pair of underwear for her husband? Find out how much wine can fit in an over priced souvenir cup and what foods aren't allowed in the pool area. Jessica incenses Dana again when she let's her know how she spent the weekend relaxing in Laguna Beach while Dana was the target of water blasters and teenage wolf cries. Jessica is fed up with store clerks commenting on and asking questions about what she is purchasing. Find out the cashier's reason for opening and smelling the deodorant she bought. A mash up of corners occurs when Accent Corner meets Mr. Young Corner. Kids are Amazing Corner features a little boy who hand makes bowties for shelter dogs and cats to help them get adopted. Prepare to have your heart explode as we introduce Team Baker, the amazing little boy and his mama and the unbelieveable community that rallies around them as he fights two terminal and rare genetic diseases with a smile that will capture your heart.