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Episode 121: Smoke On The Water

Episode 121: Smoke On The Water

October 26, 2021

Jessica tries to explain vegan sushi to Dana who is trying to comprehend the concept after her first few nights of real adult sleep.  A listener asks how people can be so rude as to smoke while going through a drive through, and Dana is fuming over the what she is calling the Middle Finger Epidemic. Excuse Me Corner is a literal mini jacuzzi for men's nether regions and Weirdo of the Week is a man unaware that he is part of his own search rescue.  Rave #1 is Becca's Closet, a national non profit that donates formal dresses to high school students as well as scholarships for underserved students.  Rave #2 is 'Ween Dream, a non profit that gives free Halloween costumes to kids in need across America.  

Becca's Closet -

'Ween Dream -  

Episode 120: Sprinkles and Space Aliens

Episode 120: Sprinkles and Space Aliens

October 19, 2021

Dana and Jessica were reunited in person at a friend's birthday party and it was just the fun they needed. After returning to her first in person event since Covid, Dana has come to realize she hates the smell of people. Jessica was charged for something she didn't want or ever intend to buy and now she is stuck with it. What the What Corner takes us down the rabbit hole of Sprinklegate. Celebrity Corner has a renowned space scientist trying to convince a pop star that aliens don't have feelings.  Rave #1 is Mable Toothbrushes, biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes who donate a brush to a child for each one purchased.  Rave #2 is Meal Train, a website that takes all the guessing out of people organizing food to be delivered when friends and family are in need.  

Episode 119:  Save the Ocean, Save the Tatas

Episode 119: Save the Ocean, Save the Tatas

October 12, 2021

While Jessica was solving puzzles, Dana fell head first into another cultish documentary.  Jessica is enraged by the recent oil spill in Southern California and wants to know when we will put an end to this.  Dana empathizes with a listener's driving woes, especially at a 4 way stop.  Animal Instincts Corner is an endangered bird who has sunk her claws into her caregiver.  What the What Corner involves people cheating on an exam, to become teachers of all things.  Rave #1 is Christopher Robinson and his line of clothing and housewares at Target and how he included adaptive clothing into the collection.  Rave #2 is the Susan G. Komen Foundation, whose mission is to save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

Christopher Robinson at Target - 

Susan G. Komen -

Episode 118: Camp, Escape, Cross The Bridge

Episode 118: Camp, Escape, Cross The Bridge

October 5, 2021

Jessica recounts how beautiful it is in Yosemite while Dana warns everyone of the dangers of camping.  Dana rants about something close to her heart and informs us of tactics people use to manipulate and gaslight.  Jessica has had it with big box stores not knowing what kind of products they carry in store and incorrect quantities on their websites.  Excuuuuuuuse Me Corner gives a whole new meaning to the title Escape Artist.  What the What Corner is a fossil found in Egypt of an ancient whale species that once had 4 legs.  Rave #1 is Bookshop, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.  Rave #2 is S #SaveLACougars, a group dedicated to conservation, education and fundraising for the wildlife crossing at Liberty Canyon.

Bookshop -  

Save LA Cougars -  

Episode 117: From Helpful To Hateful

Episode 117: From Helpful To Hateful

September 28, 2021

Are smoked meats raw or actually cooked by the smoking process, Dana and Jessica can't seem to know the answer.   Jessica has another rant that seems rave worthy, when hospitality workers check in with you too much during your meal or stay.  Dana rants out a listener's anger regarding racism and a specific story from his area.  Excuuuuuuse Me Corner is spooky unexpected surprise discovered by a man knocking through a wall while renovating his home. Golden Oldies Corner is Vietnam Vet who flew a plane again after decades since the last time he piloted a flight.  Rave #1 is Heart to Heart, an International organization that ships medical supplies around the world and has given billions in aid to the less fortunate.  Rave #2 is the Innocence Project, an organization who fights for justice by re-examining cold cases with new DNA evidence and freeing those who were wrongfully convicted.  

Heart to Heart -

Innocence Project - 

Episode 116: Goldilocks and the 3 Moles

Episode 116: Goldilocks and the 3 Moles

September 21, 2021

From Macrame to designer handbags, to bougie or not to bougie?  Rants from listeners this week cover the trustability of co workers to being totally taken advantage of and under appreciated at work while working tirelessly through the pandemic.  What the What Corner is the Star nosed mole that has Dana going crazy over the sensitivity of its appendage.  Weirdo of the Week Corner is a real life Goldilocks, a rapper who had a golden hair implant.  Rave #1 is the show Making It, with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, where the best makers from around the country take on a series of handmade projects they must complete in their own unique way.  Rave #2 is Love, Tito's from Tito's Vodka and their commitment to donating $1 million dollars to local community oriented non profits.  

Making It -

Love, Titos -  

Episode 115: Getting To The Bottom Of It

Episode 115: Getting To The Bottom Of It

September 14, 2021

The gals are back together after a brief summer vacation and they are raring to go.  Jessica tries to get to the "bottom" of a listener rant and Dana is only making things grosser. A long time listener got to Dana's heartstrings with her willingness to rescue another animal when her coworker is ready to return it like merchandise.  Animal Instincts Corner is slithering itself all over places it doesn't belong and without consent.   What the What Corner is a bloody delicious and nutritious treat, only to be found in Europe.  Rave #1 is the Center for Reproductive Rights, who uses the power of law to advance reproductive rights as fundamental human rights around the world.  Rave #2 is Prosperity Candles, a company that supports refugees and artisans through candle making and beautifully crafted vessels. 

Center for Reproductive Rights -

Prosperity Candles - 

Episode 114: Hairy and Hot, Chocolate Tops

Episode 114: Hairy and Hot, Chocolate Tops

August 31, 2021

Things get hairy when Jessica and Dana discuss the importance of hair care and treating yourself to a new do, and the etiquette people often lack with their stylists.  Dana is hot and bothered after a repair man left her hanging in the sweltering valley heat and caused her to cancel the day's plans.  Jessica is trying her best to be a smooth operator when people are unnecessarily  rude when receiving a call from a non profit or arts organization.   What the What Corner is the latest person to claim they captured Bigfoot on film. Weirdo of the Week Corner is a man who made a bomb threat after not receiving the condiments he wanted from a fast food chain. Rave #1 is Corn Fed Threads, a father and son duo fighting for a progressive, non racist society one cheeky t-shirt at a time.  Rave #2 is Chocolate and Steel, a handmade in Los Angeles jewelry company whose business walks the walk and actively works towards contributing to a healthy environment, supporting local economy and making the world a better place. 

Corn Fed Threads -

Chocolate and Steel - 

Episode 113: Don’t Be Late, Keep Your Mouth Shut

Episode 113: Don’t Be Late, Keep Your Mouth Shut

August 23, 2021

For once, Jessica has had way more caffeine than Dana and the episode has just started.  Late fees charged for finance fee payments puts Jessica in a tailspin and Dana has had it with men cat calling when you are just trying to run in and out of store.  I Caaaaan't Corner is a micro studio available for rent in an unexpected part of the house.  What the What Corner is people who are using a household cleaning product on their teeth.  Rave #1 is Final, a company on a mission to eliminate single use plastic, especially plastic straws, and their partnership with 1% for the Planet.  Rave #2 is Remade India, hand stitched blankets using recycled saris, while empowering the artisans through sustainable respectable work, fair income and benefits, and education and training. 

Final -

Remade India -  

Episode 112: Sharks, Paté and Bras

Episode 112: Sharks, Paté and Bras

August 17, 2021

Jessica is living it up in the hotels of San Diego and Dana currently thinks everyday is Friday.  When people sneeze and don't cover themselves properly it sends Dana over the edge.  People who try to charge full price for a job poorly done make Jessica furious.  Golden Oldies meets Excuse Me Corner when some parents mistake cat food with a gourmet delicacy.  Rave #1 is Ethique, a company who puts environmental impact first, and donates 20% of their profits to conservation, animal welfare and environmental groups.  Rave #2 is The Bra Recyclers, a clothing recycling company that has donated millions of bras to women and girls around the world who are in need or escaping abuse or sex trafficking. 

Ethique -

The Bra Recyclers - 

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