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Virtual Insanity vs. Go Fish!

Virtual Insanity vs. Go Fish!

March 15, 2022
This week Dana decides to rant about herself and not being able to be the tiny bit of normal she used to be any longer. Trigger Warning, which shouldn't be a shock if you know us, Dana tells a puke story. Again. Jessica loves her husband- and you might say this week, she's 'hooked' on him as well. (Apologies)
A 'What the What!?' corner has the ladies asking their own investigative questions. And, this week there's a mashup corner. NOPE meets Animal Instincts Corner. Some of you may need to start preparing for some pretty huge spider friends. Think...the size of your palm. NOPE.
Raves -
Loop Holes 

Included with every box are five pieces of menstrual care divided between pads and tampons. While a typical cycle may require more or less, this is meant to represent the typical product needs of a period.

 Peptoc Hotline 
 Call 707-998-8410 for a little pick me up anytime.

Episode 137: Cover Your Mouth And Listen Closely

Episode 137: Cover Your Mouth And Listen Closely

March 8, 2022

Dana and Jessica discuss the tragedy in Ukraine and how the world is coming together in support of them.  Some people think the pandemic is "over" but Jessica has a real bone to pick with the person sitting next to her in a professional theater with extremely stringent safety protocols, and their lack of self awareness.  A listener has Dana "projecting" her frustrations as to why people ever talk on speaker phone in any public place.  Weirdo of the Week is once aspiring doctor to went to "earie" lengths to pass his final exam. Excuuuuuuse Me Corner is a woman who despite her age and position in the public eye, went all in at a tweenager sleep over.  Rave #1 is Bakers Against Racism, a social community connecting bakers and creatives all across the globe to fight against racism in all its forms.  It is unofficially the worlds largest bake sale raising over $2.5 Million for social justice causes worldwide.  They have now turned their efforts towards helping the people of Ukraine.  Rave #2 is the One Last Wave Project, whose mission is simply to bring the healing power of the ocean to help grieving families and individuals coping with loss or experiencing hardship, by inviting them to share the stories and names of a loved ones who they'd lost and promised to etch them onto his surf board, as a way to forever memorialize them in the place they so deeply loved. 

Bakers Against Racism -

One Last Wave Project - 

’Resort’ Retort & Meat Is In The Air

’Resort’ Retort & Meat Is In The Air

March 1, 2022

Dana is bothered by an 911 call she made recently, fearing she did more harm than good. Jessica gets everyone fired up over 'Resort Fees'. What are they exactly? Let Jess break it down for you.

Animal Instincts Corner let us in on the secret cat heaven located in Santa Barbara, California. We also learn about magic meat!! Jessica lets us know that sustainably grown meat can be made out of thin air.



My Stuff Bags:


The My Stuff Bags Foundation, with the help of thousands of people across the country, provides our nation’s most vulnerable children with new belongings and new hope.

Thousands of children in crisis are still entering foster care and crowded shelters without their own belongings. They are among the most vulnerable U.S. citizens and are lacking the comfort they need during these uncertain times. Our staff are still working diligently to provide new belongings to children in crisis.

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Episode 135: Stomp, Drop and Roll

Episode 135: Stomp, Drop and Roll

February 22, 2022

This week we learn why Jessica thought Stomp the Musical was in town and performing on her roof.  Dana shares the annoyance of stickers that were not meant to stick around for the long haul.  Animal Instincts Corner is a Hitchcockian nightmare involving a murder of birds, quite literally.  What the What Corner furthers Dana's love and insistence that ghosts are real. Rave #1 is Dreaming Zebra, a 501c3 non profit encouraging children to embrace their individuality, to express themselves creatively, and follow their artistic dreams.  Rave #2 is The Asher House, a non profit animal rescue and sanctuary in Oregon that rescues animals that have been discarded or unwanted, providing them a life of comfort, love and adventure. 

Dreaming Zebra -

The Asher House -  

Episode 134: Rise Up. Shine Through. We See You.

Episode 134: Rise Up. Shine Through. We See You.

February 15, 2022

Disney and internet advertising have Jessica and Dana ranting their hearts out- for body diversity and female empowerment- this week!!!

Dana's corner this weeks has her disagreeing with Jessica on the label. Weirdo of the Week? BUT MAYBE GHOSTS ARE REAL???? They also investigate yet another crime against art, with less than stellar upgrades, made by a security guard.



Dana Rave - Henry Street Settlement 

Henry Street Settlement’s mission is to open doors of opportunity for Lower East Side residents and other New Yorkers through social services, arts, and health care programs. The organization is distinguished by its commitment to listening to and learning from our neighbors—and then acting to meet the most pressing needs of our community.

To meet those needs, we offer more than 50 programs to people of all ages through our Abrons Arts Center/Visual and Performing ArtsEmploymentEducationSports & RecreationSenior ServicesHealth & Wellness, and Transitional & Supportive Housing divisions. These vast programs range from preschool to Meals on Wheels delivery, job-readiness training to mental health counseling, and supportive housing to theater performances. We encourage you to visit our program pages to learn more.

In all we do, we’re guided by the blueprint left by our trailblazing founder, Lillian Wald, who believed:
Each of us is whole and worthy.
Poverty is a social issue (not an individual failing)
There is power in bridging differences.
Neighbors matter.
In times of need, act.

Jessica Rave - Girl Scout Cookie Season.  
Troop 6000 in NYC.  


Episode 133: Joke Makers and Life Savers

Episode 133: Joke Makers and Life Savers

February 8, 2022

Jessica is drowning her plants while Dana is creating all of the accessories she desires to go with her botanical collection. Want to piss Jessica off?  Give her anything scented with cedar.  Dana has had it with comments from the peanut gallery and wonders why people can't keep their negative thoughts to themselves. See Something Say Something Corner is a woman who made a call to 911 which saved 3 peoples' lives.  What the What Corner is the luckiest garage sale purchase you could dream of.  Rave #1 is Birdie, a personal safety alarm made for women by women with a high pitched alarm and flashing strobe light to deter an attack. Rave # 2 is Girls that Invest, an investing education podcast for women based in New Zealand. 

Birdie -

Girls That Invest - 


No way, Rosé: w/ Special Guest Mrs. Jessica ’Doubtfire’ Young

No way, Rosé: w/ Special Guest Mrs. Jessica ’Doubtfire’ Young

February 1, 2022


In this week's episode Jessica and Dana reveal too much about their own appearance, hygiene, and pandemic habits. They aren't proud, just resigned.

Corners this week have us in awe of a middle school student who saved two lives in one day, but wondering if it's ethically appropriate to train a murder of crows to clean up after humans. It has also become very clear that Jessica and Dana don't know how to stop talking and end the podcast. Side note, Jessica is obsessed with the movie 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. 

'It holds up.' - Jessica Young



Mothers to Mothers:
mothers2mothers (m2m) employs women living with HIV as Community Health Workers called Mentor Mothers. m2m Mentor Mothers work both at health facilities and door-to-door to improve the health of communities across ten African nations. They deliver life-changing services to women, children, adolescents, and entire families. This Model improves health of communities, while delivering meaningful employment for women living with HIV.
Wild Coast:

Our coastal ecosystems are incredibly efficient at removing harmful amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and can store it for thousands of years, making these areas key in the fight against climate change.

“If we are to address climate change, it is imperative that we not only reduce emissions globally. We also have to conserve and restore the natural ecosystems that help us sequester carbon and adapt to climate change. In the case of mangroves, these ecosystems protect shorelines against rising seas levels and dangerous chubasco storm surges as well as sequester carbon,” says Frausto.

With the support of SeaTrees, WILDCOAST is working with women in Laguna San Ignacio to plant 40,000 mangroves over 25 acres of tidal zones, creating a habitat suitable for fish, shellfish, wildlife, and adapting to and mitigating climate change. Through legal protection and management, WILDCOAST has helped to conserve 38,336 acres of mangrove forests that store 3.5 million tons of carbon, equivalent to the emissions of 2.8 million cars driven in one year. As Frausto points out, it’s a natural solution to tackling climate change — a piece of the puzzle we can all put together now before it’s too late.

Episode 131: The Heat Is On

Episode 131: The Heat Is On

January 25, 2022

Dana and Jessica discover they both know where to get the best pancakes in LA's own Shangri-La.  Don't even think about turning on a heater around Jessica or walking in on Dana in a public bathroom stall.  Excuse Me Corner has a tiny shopper creating a big surprise for his parents.  Weirdo of the Week is a hairy situation and Jessica is threatening to file a lawsuit for something that isn't a crime in the eyes of the law.  Rave #1 is the John Brockington Foundation, whose mission is to create a culture in which organ donation is commonplace; to provide financial and resource support for those donating, awaiting, and/or receiving organs; and to promote health education to minority communities who are disproportionately represented on the transplant waiting list.  Rave #2 is Reach out and Read, a national nonprofit that champions the positive effects of reading daily and engaging in other language-rich activities with young children.

John Brockington Foundation -

Reach Out And Read -

Episode 130: Urine Good Hands with Dana & Jessica

Episode 130: Urine Good Hands with Dana & Jessica

January 18, 2022

In this episode Dana describes herself as a fountain at The Bellagio when asked to pee in a teeny-tiny cup at the doctor. Jessica tries to tame a Diaper Genie. Spoiler Alert: She did not succeed... and there was fallout.

Corners this week contain a little game of 'true or false' and there is a new 'Pay It Forward' corner, where THE RANTS AND RAVES PODCAST ANNOUNCES IT'S FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!!! 

Raves For This Week:

The Humane Society

In honor of Betty White's 100th birthday.
Rest in Peace and thank you.
The King Center
In honor of MLK day.
Rest in Peace and thank you.
Provided by ABD (Amanda Blake Davis)
Check out her Etsy shop 'GirlLovesDogArt'  
(Details in the episode on how to win)


Episode 129: UnderWear 3 Ways

Episode 129: UnderWear 3 Ways

January 11, 2022

Jessica receives a surprise delivery and Dana helps Dan Tipton deliver some furniture to the curb.  Similar colors, font, and packaging puts Jessica in tizzy and you will understand why.  Dana is not interested in making food and underwear a sexy combination.  What the What Corner is a bioluminescent phenomenon happening from within snow found in Russia.  Weirdo of the Week is a passenger who wore a specific lace object in protest of mask compliance on a flight.  Rave #1 is the San Diego Senior Women's Basketball Association, a non profit organization of women from ages 50-95 who play basketball and give back to the community by providing basketball camp to girls aged 12-17.  Rave #2 is This is About Humanity, a community dedicated to raising awareness about separated and reunited families and children at the border. 

San Diego Women's Senior Basketball Association -

This Is About Humanity - 

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