The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 21: Wax On, Whistle Off

July 9, 2019
When you go in for a mani pedi and the nail tech asks you if you're sure you don't want any waxing today, aka The Wolf Man Special.  Dana tries to sell Jessica on a product whose ingredient list is more akin to Pad Thai.  Dana wants to know why so many options for curvy ladies involve sleeveless clothing and Jessica couldn't agree more.  Hear how City sanctioned swim lessons involve a traumatizing swim suit classification by color based on size, as if people need another complex surrounding their body types.  Find out what actor Jessica would have had to play against if she had been cast from a film audition that would have required her to go full frontal nude.  Jessica hates people who whistle and calls out Andrew Bird as the King Whistler.  Dana blows Jessica's mind when she can accurately sing every word of the Pointer Sisters' Automatic. The ladies have had it with ridiculous and unrealistic online videos including body shapers that make it look like all of your fat has magically disappeared.  Raves this week include a non verbal high school senior who was selected by his class to deliver a speech at graduation and was able to do so with speech therapy and voice assistance technology from Minneapolis Transition Plus Program.  Shop Sweet Tee Love, a fun and positive tshirt line who donates 5% of all proceeds to Pug Nation LA.