The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode122: Hungry Hungry Hippos

November 2, 2021

Jessica and Dana unknowingly pass each other like two ships in the night while checking out Halloween decorated homes.  Dana is confused and annoyed by how many individual streaming services there now are.  Jessica is furious over a new business in her neighborhood whose name does not match the merchandise. Kids Are Amazing Corner is a young man who created a braille printer out of Legos.  Animal Instincts Corner has Jessica confusing Pablo Escobars Cocaine Hippos with the Alligators in Romancing the Stone. Rave #1 is Don't Eat the Homies, a street wear company who gives 10% of their proceeds to various rescue and animal charities.  Rave #2 is Dads on Duty, a group of fathers who volunteer their time at their local high school to offer positive support and ensure no fighting amongst the students.  

Don't Eat The Homies -

Dads on Duty -  

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