The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 8: Ugly Laughs and MC’s

April 9, 2019

Dana has been wondering if she is mean to Jessica (lol) and talks about the importance of being vulnerable. While Dana refers to her own laugh as "ugly," a listener wrote in to say that Jessica's laugh sounds like Muttley from Hanna-Barbera. Find out what Dana and her sisters have to paint on each day and help Jessica with her hair halo. Wannabe motorcycle clubs have taken over during Jessica's recent trip to Disneyland and Dana can't keep her hands out of the water at Silver Dollar City. Worried that she says "like" and "ya know" too much, Dana loses it when someone doesn't acknowledge that she is talking, and that someone, is her Dad. Jessica debuts her improvised single "Weirdo of the Week." Dana buys her husband what she calls an easy costume for Halloween and he is not having it for one minute. Jessica states a news headline about Dana's hometown and Dana accuses her of starting fake news. Learn what types of horror lurk at water parks. This week's Rave is Kylie's Kolors, a nail polish company who gives 100% of their proceeds to children fighting childhood cancer and the chance to name their own polish color. Our fave is "Born to Pose" by Ellen Miller.