The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 6: Let’s Conversate Over Popcorn

March 27, 2019

Dana dated an opera singer in high school and Jessica wants to know if he is a eunuch.  While Dana lets it be known that she hates all incarnations of cauliflower, Jessica tries to sell her on roasting an entire head of it as a steak. The ladies share a nostalgic moment as they attempt to sing the theme song to 3-2-1 Contact and discuss the procedural drama for kids known as The Bloodhound Gang. Is "conversate" legit now a word in the dictionary?! Why do adults mispronounce things like Valentimes day? Or try to say one word in a sentence in the accent of that nationality? Dana and Jessica harken back to the fat free era of the early '90's.  The ladies debate whether store employees should greet you with enthusiasm or aggression. We are introduced to Popcorn Sutton, the man Jessica claims is the father of moonshine in Tennessee. Find out what Dana dropped on a baby while working at Applebee's. Dana explains that her dog doesn't understand commands in English so Jessica teaches her some phrases courtesy of Rick Moranis in the movie Parenthood. Raves this week include Free Museum Days and Dana's favorite inspirational quotes that she plans to turn into a "sad day photo book."

Free U.S. Museums -