The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 5: Hear No Evil

March 19, 2019

Dana lets passengers know her car smells like hot plastic and garbage and blames it on a dolly that was put there by her husband. Jessica refers to her beloved Middle School's Shop Class as "Industrial Arts" and Dana comes unhinged.  People who hit and run parked cars infuriate Jessica where as Dana becomes a vigilante in hunting down the perpetrators. Find out what room in Dana's house smells like tantalizing passion fruit and how she feels about talking in public on speaker phone.  Jessica has an issue on a flight and Dana blames her for not just "putting on some headphones." They then become mortal enemies once Dana lets Jessica know how she feels about the new headphones she is using to record the podcast. Though Dana claims their "lives were very different", Jessica brings her back to the reality that they both spent a portion of their childhoods riding around in vans with no seats.  Jessica asks Dana to leave her own house after she discloses what food she eats while watching zit videos. Why don't we have Family Day like the Canadians? Why the hell does Jessica say Je me souviens? Rave of the week is Days for Girls, an organization providing personal hygiene products to females in need.