The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 4: Sexy Godly Mystique

March 12, 2019

After learning that Dana took a friend to a restaurant which serves a style of food he hates, she admits her brain is like a toilet and flushes everything.  Jessica realizes hers is a steel trap as she can't forget anything. Find out how these two were connected to Conversion Vans in their youth. Jessica has had it with people describing food as sexy, and Dana confuses a food fetish with "moshing."  Alcoholic poutine leads to 9 1/2 Weeks and reminiscing about HBO's Real Sex series. Dana is over people making loud noises with items in public places and thinks the elderly are responsible. Why did Jessica suggest Dana's Dad should move to Singapore?  How does Dana react to Jessica singing the traditional litany of Midnight Mass? Discover the mystique of...SHEN YUN through a whisper, and what happens when you lose a bet with friends. Rave of the week is Hope Thru Soap, an Atlanta based organization that provides dignity and compassion through basic services to those in need.

Hope Thru Soap -