The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 3: Weirdos & Weeds

March 4, 2019

Jessica's "I'm a Ma'am not a Man" saga continues and Biblical rains in Los Angeles cause Dana to snap at a road raging lunatic. According to Dana, "Arugula isn't salad, it's just weeds" and Jessica has to explain to her what micro greens are and how pea tendrils are used as a garnish. Dana won't eat things that are cute because she doesn't eat "baby fear meat" but ate cheese on a stick at county fairs while watching live births growing up in Missouri. Dana continues her frustration with Jessica being "a high falutin food person" after she describes porchetta as Italian Turkducken. After being accosted for leaving her purse unattended at a Trader Joe's, Jessica thinks a wallet on a chain is the answer. Jessica tries to save a child from death by scissors and Dana concludes, don't be aggressively kind or helpful. Ring Leader vs Ring Master, who will win?! Raves include a mobile clothing rack started by a child, and the important exposure a man is giving to people who are "Neuro diverse" by sharing their stories.

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