The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 26: Under Where? Don’t Care

August 13, 2019

Dana took a high profile work out class and you will never believe the celeb she got to "work" out with.  What part of your body leads you?  According to Dana, Jessica is ruled by her intense control of her shoulders.  Dana's weird behavior at a party a few weeks ago was confirmed to be true at a wedding this week while she donned her new mint green petticoat.  Jessica rants about overly friendly employees asking too many personal questions when you just want to grab your coffee and go.  Dana rants about people who feel the need to tell you when a sliver of your bra shows but won't give you the courtesy of knowing when your dress is in your underwear.  Corners this week include a man who "accidentally" threw $23,000 into his recycling bin, and a drug king pin in Brazil who tried to escape disguised as his teenage daughter.  Does apple cider vinegar remove the smell of cat urine?  Why should men was their hands before they go to the bathroom?  Raves this week include Fresh Outfitters, a special boutique for Foster Kids to shop for free to get brand new clothing for the first time in their life, and Officers in Indiana offer people to donate supplies to a local animal shelter instead of paying their $25 fine.   

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