The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 25: Blown Away

August 6, 2019
Dana and Jessica go from early birds to night owls in their first late night episode and want you to know they will be your vocal piece to shame people.  Dana and her sisters surprise their day with a 70th birthday and present him with a windsock so he can turn his yard into a a runway for flight.  Dana rants out a listener's anger when it comes to group text and emails where some of the recipients "reply all." Jessica rants out another listener's rage over people who call you repeatedly until you pick up the phone.  Shout out to the adorable You Tube page Reptile Admirer, a little boy with a love for lizards and lots of knowledge about caring for them. Oh Wow Corner features Doug Lindsey, a man who while bed ridden for 11 years, discovered his own diagnosis and course of treatment.  The importance of being your own advocate when it comes to your health and knowing when to listen to your body's warning signals.  In Celebrity Corner, Dana talks about the actual celebrities she worked with last week and Jessica talks about the celebrities she saw in restaurants last week. The return of Beverly Hills, 90210 has Jessica so excited that she freaked when she passed the Peach Pit pop up on Melrose.  The ladies discuss the horror of short hair cuts when you can't pull them off.  Raves this week include GiveWell.Org, a website featuring and breaking down the merits of large charity organizations and where your money and donations actually go.  Fall down the rabbit hole with the selfies of a 92 year old Grandmother who discovered photography and takes the most amazing staged self portraits.