The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 23: Throwing it Waaaaaay Up

July 23, 2019
Dana perfectly describes Jessica's feelings of returning back from calm Canada as "Coming back to LA is like getting on a treadmill that is already running."  The girls discuss the crazy two days of big earthquakes and the differences in how they handle them.  Shout out to all the single parents as Dana has been living as one this summer and it brings a whole new perspective and how it has caused her to forget how to behave around other adults.  Would you take your pets CBD products if they were the only thing around?  Why does Dana's evil cat Cutter insist on spraying only things of major importance?  Dana shares her perils of getting older which mean crying at the drop of a feather and puking when stressed out.  What happened to Jessica on a plane to Toronto that Dana described as biological assault?  A listener rant explains how she is fed up with your every move with your diet and or exercise on social media. Do you love condiments too? Hear what Jessica did in a pinch for food that puts Dana over the edge.  A double whammy Weirdo(s) of the week involve a toilet and 200 dolls, let's just leave it at that.  Two amazing raves this week, both sent in from a listener, and both are in the state of Georgia. 
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue -
Ahimsa House (Helping Humans and Pets out of Domestic Violence)