The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 20: Hand, Foot, and Mouth

July 2, 2019

Dana and Jessica have a night filled with Rosé and the kind of sandwich you can only eat once a year.  Dana goes back to The Good Place and the red fox is reunited with the silver fox once again.  Jessica wants to know why servers remove your drink glass when there is still liquid to be enjoyed and recounts how she herself was not cut out for waiting tables.  Dana is on par with a listener who witnessed a man opening condiment packets at a restaurant with his nail clippers.  Dana hates feet and is appalled that Jessica thinks it's ok to ask her husband to ever touch her feet, all the while her own hubs would love to oblige.  Do you say scissor or scissors?  Inquiring minds want to know! Stranger Thing's David Harbor makes a high schooler's dream come in this week's Celebrity Corner and we learn about Skye Brown, the youngest skateboarder in contention for a place on the British Summer Olympic Team. Raves this week include a listener who inspires us weekly with her acts of kindness and teaching kids etiquette and manners to help them navigate through life, and Medi Teddy, a company started by a child who wanted to help put a smile on other children's faces who are undergoing IV treatments.  

Medi Teddy -