The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 2: Animal Instincts

March 3, 2019

Dana breaks down "selfies" by naming herself a "self loathing narcissist" - the greatest oxymoron of all time. Dana and Jess both subscribe to the 'I Woke Up Like This' movement and have the pictures to prove it. Learn who Dana's personal internet troll is and why she again justifies selfies as a necessity for your kid to remember you when you're gone. Jessica tells us why anytime she wears a dress people think she is going to a funeral and D&J talk Down and Dirty vs Dolled Up. The introduction of Jessica's terrible foreign accents lead into a commonality with Dana regarding beauty treatments performed by Russians. Dana enlightens us with the origins of Macaroni and Cheese. Why did Dana bark like a seal? Why was Jessica a poser hippie in college? Fill up on the importance of gratitude and putting things in perspective. Adopt don't shop, the amazing A Purposeful Rescue will inspire you to donate or start a project of your own in your community.

A Purposeful Rescue -

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