The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 17: You Say Tomato, I Say Toh-mah-to

June 11, 2019

Jessica and Dana discuss the magic of adult sleep away camp and their experiences at Camp Improv Utopia, a non profit who gives money back to arts communities in need while providing a creative, safe and inclusive environment for performers from around the world through a weekend of camping, activities and master classes.  How did Dana swing a private boat tour while teaching on the east coast? Dana hates abbreviations, so why does she refer to them as abreevs?  Jessica shares some of her arts and crafts creations, or as she loves to tell Dana "A's and C's."  Dana shares her intense disdain for tomatoes, whereas Jessica can't get enough of them.  Weird food combinations and food of the 80's stir up quite a tizzy in these two.  Jessica wants to know why strangers sometimes can't take a social cue when entering an important conversation that has nothing to do with them. The ladies introduce "Accent Corner" as they take a stab at Jamaican phrases from a book recently given to Jessica.  You think Dana goes nuts that Jessica remembers the Weirdo of the Week song?  Wait until you hear her sing all 50 states in alphabetical order.  Shame on You Corner leads us to highlight the hero and not the charlatan.  How would you feel if a burglar broke in and deep cleaned your home, Dana and Jessica would be fine with it.  Raves this week include "Unseen Art," bringing a 3D version of masterpiece art work to the blind.  Thanks to a listener for sharing 4Ocean, a group responsible for removing millions of pounds of trash from the ocean through the sale of their recycled material bracelets.