The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 16: Heart and Soul, Returns No More

June 4, 2019

Dana shares her amazing experience as a featured guest of Vision Con and the wonderful people she met throughout the weekend that deeply touched her and her family in many ways.  The ladies discuss what really matters in the world of entertainment and making real human connections.  Find out what a MOJO tasting is, Dana knows!  Jessica reads a listener's rant regarding people returning perishable food and they share some return stories of their own retail experiences.  What did Dana do to a customer's clothes?  What did Jessica fling back onto customer once she pulled it out of the bag?  Dana has strong feelings about a rant from a listener regarding text etiquette.  Oops My Bad! Corner is something Jessica and Dana both agree to doing.  A new Corrections Corner comes to us courtesy of two different listeners, and they're both for Jessica.  Raves this week: Sesame Street's newest character Karli, a new muppet in foster care.  Fire and Soul, a company with a story that moved Dana beyond words, who is "spreading the light, one candle at a time."