The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 14: Shake it Off, “Cart”e Blanche

May 21, 2019

Dana talks about the healing power of not being so hard on yourself and the joy of receiving a positive message at the right time while Jessica drinks her overachieving water.  Jessica loses her mind over people tapping and shaking their foot in public or filming something where cameras were prohibited and how she passive aggressively addressed that at a Paula Cole concert. Dana and Jessica continue to slip British vernacular into their everyday speech and their favorite word seems to be bloody.  Water fountains, yay or nay?  The ladies have strong opinions on this subject.  Don't even think about not putting your cart back in a parking lot or Dana will unleash the Kraken on you. A new "How To" corner is introduced as they discuss gracefully accepting compliments and not being scared to ask for or accept help when needed.  The ladies discuss how sometimes we can become numb to tragedy but sob at joyous moments.  We learn that you should never give Dana or Jessica your Tupperware to take home leftovers as you never see it again.  Raves include photographer Kate T. Parker and her books which highlight the best of girls and boys in modern time and Pearl's Memory Babies who bring dolls and stuffed animals to Alzheimer's patients to evoke the memories of being a parent to a child or pet.  

Kate T. Parker, photographer and author of Strong Is The New Pretty and The Heart Of A Boy -
Pearl's Memory Babies -