The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 13: Bee-have and Plan Ahead

May 16, 2019

Dana and Jessica compare their Easter and Passover experiences and bust into melodies from singing The Four Questions to songs about Jesus.  Who will help with with Jessica's hair halo, Deva Curl or Queen Bey?  A rant from a listener sets off a discussion about why people question others decisions regarding food and drink and how Dana wrote a sketch about that very subject. Find out why Dana's dad told her repeatedly to "just drop it Dana" in regards to why her Mom is picky about bananas. Another rant from a listener involving adult scheduling leads us to a downward spiral of comparing stories of showing up to events the week before or after the occasion. Hear about the amazing world of service dogs for children in school and how they help save and improve their quality of life.  What did Dana need removed from her house that prompted her to contact the guys from Dirty Jobs?  Why is Dana so incensed when Jessica sings the song for Weirdo of the Week that Dana insisted she create on the spot?  Raves include Morgan Freeman's Honey Bee Sanctuary and Hamlet for the Homeless - a non profit serving homeless runaway youth utilizing the study, rehearsal and presentation of Shakespeare as gateways to rehabilitation and stabilization through theater. Shout outs to Michael Reese of Young Story Tellers, The Red Door Playhouse in Atlanta Georgia, and the embroidered stylings of Sweet Salty Stiches.  

Hamlet for the Homeless -