The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 125: Gobble Wobble Bobble

November 30, 2021

Dana celebrated Thanksgiving early with children while Jessica celebrated late with New Phone Who Dis.  Jessica made her annual trip to the Hollywood Christmas Parade and wants to know how it is possible to get worse each year!? Dana then breaks it down with an experience of her own.  Ewwwwww, No Corner is Canada's own Tiger Tail Ice Cream.  What the What Corner touches on the broken toilet situation on the current Space X shuttle.  Rave #1 is Staples Give Back to Schools Box, filled with 19 school essentials to be donated to students and schools in need for $5 when you check out at their stores.  Rave #2 is One Simple Wish, an organization that matches donors with foster kids to fulfill a dream gift for Christmas. 

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