The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 124: Sleepy Red Head And Green Eyed Lady

November 16, 2021

Dana is getting to know the difference between a good night's sleep and the last three decades while Jessica is sneezing her life away with fall allergies.  Dana questions how and why a certain actress is playing an icon in an upcoming biopic.  Jessica is infuriated by the laissez faire way restaurants are treating herbs as a garnish.  Excuse Me Corner takes a relaxing trip in a bus to promote sleep.  Oh Wow Corner is a boss we wish we all had right now granting the gift of a lifetime to the entire company.  Rave #1 is how to donate food this Holiday Season through the suggestions of Feeding America.  Rave #2 is the Parks Project, a collaborative effort made possible through donating a percentage of sales through products made by a number of companies to support our National Parks.  

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