The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 12: GOT Lyft?

May 7, 2019

Jessica is the only person who has never seen Game of Thrones and meanwhile, Dana posted on social media wishing people Happy GOT day to those who celebrate.  Thanks to a listener, we rant and wonder about why people have shared social media and email accounts with their significant others.  Perhaps they should share a toilet seat too.  Dana tries her best in life, but seems to strike out hard when it comes to taking Lyft  What is wrong with Jessica and Dana that they can't keep a debit card in their wallet instead of in their "pocket." The ladies want to know why people can't pronounce very common words properly.  Dana is obsessed with the instagram page @historycoolkids and after hearing her tell the story of Peter Freuchen, we now know why.  Jessica tells Dana what she has learned about survival from Bear Grylls, but Dana isn't worried since she will have a 10 gallon bucket of mac 'n cheese with a 100 year shelf life when the zombie apocalypse happens.  Why hasn't Dana seen the 'Shape of Water'?!  Raves this week include an airborne animal rescue and a podcast you won't want want to miss sharing a friend's journey of trying to get pregnant via a donor.