The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 114: Hairy and Hot, Chocolate Tops

August 31, 2021

Things get hairy when Jessica and Dana discuss the importance of hair care and treating yourself to a new do, and the etiquette people often lack with their stylists.  Dana is hot and bothered after a repair man left her hanging in the sweltering valley heat and caused her to cancel the day's plans.  Jessica is trying her best to be a smooth operator when people are unnecessarily  rude when receiving a call from a non profit or arts organization.   What the What Corner is the latest person to claim they captured Bigfoot on film. Weirdo of the Week Corner is a man who made a bomb threat after not receiving the condiments he wanted from a fast food chain. Rave #1 is Corn Fed Threads, a father and son duo fighting for a progressive, non racist society one cheeky t-shirt at a time.  Rave #2 is Chocolate and Steel, a handmade in Los Angeles jewelry company whose business walks the walk and actively works towards contributing to a healthy environment, supporting local economy and making the world a better place. 

Corn Fed Threads -

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