The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 112: Sharks, Paté and Bras

August 17, 2021

Jessica is living it up in the hotels of San Diego and Dana currently thinks everyday is Friday.  When people sneeze and don't cover themselves properly it sends Dana over the edge.  People who try to charge full price for a job poorly done make Jessica furious.  Golden Oldies meets Excuse Me Corner when some parents mistake cat food with a gourmet delicacy.  Rave #1 is Ethique, a company who puts environmental impact first, and donates 20% of their profits to conservation, animal welfare and environmental groups.  Rave #2 is The Bra Recyclers, a clothing recycling company that has donated millions of bras to women and girls around the world who are in need or escaping abuse or sex trafficking. 

Ethique -

The Bra Recyclers - 

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