The Rants And Raves Podcast

Episode 11: Six Degrees of Separation - From Shelton to Stallone

April 30, 2019
Dana does the most Hollywood thing you can do with the cast of Clipped.  A discussion ensues about music and what constitutes an instrument as hillbilly.  If you butt in line you are on Dana's poop list, and don't even think about doing it at a Blake Shelton concert.  Jessica mentions a shared communal object revisited by a listener's message and Dana legit puked.  Ever wondered what products are made from animal waste - we got you covered!  Dana introduces what is said to be the latest fashion trend on Parisian Summer runways and Jessica has to explain to her what a Canadian tuxedo is.  Discover Jessica's Six Degrees of Stallone Separation and how that links to Dana's Endless Summer Nights of Richard Marx.  Jessica is again mistaken for Sir thanks to her deep gravely voice and Dana has never heard of Wee Willie Winkie. Raves this week include a group of Middle School boys who intervened to save a life.  How we can all be more eco-friendly by responsibly recycling and in some cases, earn rewards from various companies.  
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